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Congratulations to the 2014 Club 300 winners: 

  1.   VICTOR BOYKO (Jan)
  2.   GEORGE McLEAN (Jan)
  3.   HARVEY KRATZ (Feb)
  4.   SHIRLEY DYCK (Feb)
  6.   JOHN NYUYEN (Mar)
  7.   MAGGIE McSYMACH (Apr)
  10. JIM CLARKE (May)

Club 300 tickets for the 2015 Calendar year are sold out! Check back here starting in January to see the monthly winners.

- Tickets cost only $10 each
- Only 300 tickets are sold (1 in 30 odds of winning)
- There are 2 draws per month of $100 each, from January 2014 until May 2014
- Winning tickets go back in the draw - so you can win more than once.
- Proceeds are used to give back to care homes in our communities
(So far, wheelchairs have been purchased for the care homes in Sandy Lake, Erickson, and Minnedosa)

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